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NOC "COMMUNITY Youth" - This level of play is specifically targeted to serve youth (no high school freshman) players of all skill levels in, or near the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District (Valencia HS, El Dorado HS, Esperanza HS, Yorba Linda HS), and the Orange Unified School District (Canyon, El Modena, Villa Park, Orange), Rosary High School, and any other area that is not otherwise served with a youth organization and / or is trying to start a high school program .  Other areas served are Corona, Chino Hills, Brea, Fullerton, Anaheim, Irvine, etc., until they have their own rec programs.




Boy's & Girl's, 3rd - 8th Grade

If you have never played lacrosse, this is a perfect way to give it a try (Especially as an 8th grader, before getting to high school)!

Format & Level of Play: Practices and Games all at Esperanza High School.  All skill sets, and NEW Players, are welcome!  

Days: Monday's and Wednesday's

Dates: March 23 through May 6, 2020

Check our CALENDAR for exact dates!

Times: 5:00 - 7:00pm 

Location: Esperanza High School "WEST Campus" (Grass, at the end of the parking lot behind the JV SOFTBALL field on the West side of Kellogg).  


Depending on the amount of registrations, we may also use the "Band Field" (Grass, in between the Varsity Softball field and the grass primary soccer field).

Cost: $245 - NOC Lacrosse Registration (EARLY BIRD PRICING (SAVE $25) ENDS SUNDAY 3/1).

$50 - UNIFORM (ONLY IF you need a new one.  If you have played winter 2019-20, we are using the same uniform).

$30 - US lacrosse annual membership (only if needed to (Click here to REGISTER or renew) or (Click here to RETRIEVE).

Rental Equipment: NOC purchased new equipment in the Fall of 2019, so this is new, or very gently used.  We also tried our best to find deals on good equipment as opposed to purchasing a cheap starter package, so this ends up being a really good deal for decent equipment. If at the end of the season, you would like to purchase you equipment, this is an option and the cost will be dependent on how much we paid for the specific equipment being used.  

Boy's - $100. The boy's rental pack Includes a stick, gloves, helmet, shoulder pads and elbow pads. Players are still responsible for an athletic cup, mouthguard, and proper footwear.

Girl's - $50. The girl's rental pack includes a stick and goggles.  Players are still responsible for their own mouthguard, and proper footwear.

Clinics: The first four sessions will be 2 hour clinics.

Games: The remaining 10 sessions will be short 6 v 6 (5 + Goalie) games on smaller fields.  The goal is for each team to get 1-2 short games per evening in the two hour block.  This means that some players may end early, while other players will get more warm up time before for their first game. The exact schedule will come out closer to 3/23 (the first clinic).  

Objective: While we expect all players to work hard and compete (especially against themselves to always be improving), this is not meant to be a "competitive" league.  The objective is for each player to develop through play.  

Here are a few notes on 6v6...  

-Everyone plays offense and defense.  

-Less people on the field means more involvement in every play.  

-A smaller field forces quicker decision making and increases skills sets in tighter spaces.  

-This is model the Olympic Committee is testing to potentially add lacrosse to the Olympics.  

-We would like to attract more goalies.  If you are interested, please let us know. Equipment can be borrowed.

-By going 6v6, we can run an entire league locally and we are hoping this attracts new players in the area.  Please tell friends to play!