It is important to know that NOC Lacrosse and So Cal Express Lacrosse are complimentary to each other and each of their schedules will be made in a way to minimize conflicts, and there will most likely not be any conflicts at all.  When a player is ready for So Cal Express, they are strongly encouraged to also play for NOC Lacrosse.  

NOC Lacrosse is a "local" program meant to grow our region, North Orange County, yet also:

- Serve areas near us that may not have youth programs.

- Serve families of youth participants in areas that have programs but their local program practices at a time that does not work for them.

- In the case of our high school program, serve players from teams that do not offer an off season program, or do not offer a program at different levels (JV / V).  

The primary focus for NOC participants is to play in house through NOC, and, or provide NOC teams to:

Youth: The OCLA (Orange County Lacrosse Assocation) League (Winter, and possibly Spring).

- High School:  The Orange County High School Summer and Fall League's.

So Cal Express Girl's Lacrosse is a "club" program meant to serve players outside of their local program for tournaments.  Express is meant to provide developmental, select, and elite tournament teams. 

Express is a collaborative organization run by "local" program directors (NOC - Brian Eisenberg, OC Crush (Tustin area) - Jon Fox, Huntington Beach - Olivia Smart, Seal Beach - Courtney Hendricks, Newport Beach - Chloe Silance).  We have each been involved in Orange County Girl's Lacrosse longer than any other current Orange County club program director.  Together, our expertise sets up players for success in ways that can only be learned through experience and foresight.  As the sport of girl's lacrosse grows in Southern California, we are often the ones constructing its future and are in the best position to help navigate your path.  

In addition to our own programs, we attract players from all over Orange County and beyond.  

The goal for NOC working with Express is to guide your lacrosse career from beginning, through high school graduation, and to help those who strive to play in college to find the best fit for them.

Click Here to visit the website for So Cal Express Girl's Lacrosse

Contact Brian Eisenberg,, 714-926-9816, with any questions about NOC Lacrosse or So Cal Express Lacrosse.