Question:  What does it mean to "be recruited"?  


A college coach offers a player something in return for the player choosing to make a commitment to their program.  This can include, but is not limited to:  Admission, Athletic Scholarships, a spot on the roster, etc.  

Question:  What does it mean to make a "commitment"?


A student knows that they have been, or will be, admitted to a college and has been offered a spot on a program's roster, and chooses a college program.  

Question:  Does being offered a spot on a roster mean that I will receive playing time?  


Each coach is different, however, most coaches will tell you that playing time is earned, not guaranteed.  

Question:  What does it mean to be a "walk on"?


A student who gets in to a school without the help of a coach, ends up playing for a collegiate sports program.    

Question:  Can a "walk on" earn playing time over a "recruit"?


Absolutely!  It happens all of the time?  Typically, assuming attitude, effort, etc., is all positive, the best players play at the collegiate level. Sometimes "recruits" are the best players, other times they are not.  Even a player receiving a scholarship, may lose playing time to a "walk on".     

Question:  What is the best way to get "recruited" by a college coach?  


A.  If they offer a camp, go to their camp.

B.  If the coach does not offer a camp on the college campus but they are going to attend a "recruiting" camp, attend that camp.  


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