Frequently Asked Questions

New to lacrosse? Or, new to NOC Lacrosse? Get your questions answered.

1.  What equipment is needed for lacrosse?

Check out our equipment page

2.  What is provided by NOC Lacrosse and what does each participant need to bring?


As we grow boy's lacrosse, each season will be different as to what we can provide, but we hope to have it be similar to what we do for girl's.  We will update this as we go forward.  For girls lacrosse, NOC Lacrosse often can provide a stick and equipment that can be borrowed for free and returned at the end of a season, camp, etc.  Each participant is responsible for the following:

  • Appropriate footwear (Soccer cleats are great! No casual shoes or softball cleats).

  • A mouthguard that is VISIBLE (Must be a color with little or no designs (no shark teeth, but a logo may be permissible)).  These often get lost, so it is encourage to purchase extra's and have them molded just in case one is lost.  

  • Appropriate athletic apparel.  

3.   What are NOC colors?  

Our main colors are Cardinal & Gold.  We often use a base of grey, black or white. Each season may be different as to how uniforms are distributed.  

4.  What are some great ways for participants to practice on their own? (Boy's videos will be added soon)

5.  How are grades / ages separated (why is this so complicated and what is "Grad Year")?  

The short answer is that lacrosse is evolving quickly and adjusting as it goes. Some organizations, leagues, tournaments, etc., operate differently from each other.  A lot of this is dependent on the amount of participation.  US Lacrosse is heading towards breaking down ages, or grades, in one year increments.  If you live in an area with less participation, this might be impossible.  Locally, boy's youth operate by grade, while girl's youth operates by age... this is subject to change at any moment.  

"Grad Year" is the players high school graduation year.  As players enter high school, this is helpful for college coaches in terms of recruiting.  Due to this, we often ask for "Grad Year" even for Kinder participants.