Brian Eisenberg cultivates people into transformational leaders!  Over the past 15 years, Brian has developed:

* Assistant coaches into head coaches at the youth, high school and collegiate level.

* Staff into directors.

* Board members in to board presidents.

* High School and Regional youth program directors into a collaborative club organization. 

* High School Players to become captains, coaches, and great teammates.

* Youth players into High School Varsity level athletes (mentally and through skill) as freshman.  
* College players to become captains, great teammates, and graduate to become good employees and managers for high level corporations, and successful entrepreneurs that follow their dreams.

* A National Championship Collegiate Women's Lacrosse Club Team.

Additionally, Brian has been part of the overall health and well-being for student athletes with mental health issues, learning disabilities, etc., as well as an advocate for gender non-conforming folks and / or people in the LGBTQ community.  

Brian has also been a resource for friends to help them navigate through tough times including growing within a job, alcohol abuse recovery, separation with partners, changing careers, etc.

If you are looking to just grow as a human, or need help to move through a challenging time in your life, etc., Brian can help you set and accomplish your goals with individualized care.    

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long and weekly, yet schedules are tailored to each individual.

To set up a consultation with Brian Eisenberg, complete this form (CLICK HERE) and he will get back to you as quickly as possible, typically within 24-48 hours.

"I love using the acquired knowledge from my Masters Degree in Leadership Development and continued education (Yale's Science of Well-Being, NYU's InnerMBA, Power of Awareness, and others), to unlock people's full potential

Using my experiences... as a former multi-sport collegiate athlete; sports coach for different genders (youth & high school for over 15 years and college for over 10 years); starting and running two successful non-profit organizations; thriving as a person with Type I Diabetes since I was 6 years old; and generally navigating the ups and downs in the adventure of life... allows me to navigate assisting individuals in being the best version of themselves."  Brian Eisenberg