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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Before registering.  We know this may be confusing and apologize in advance!  These steps will help!

You will need US Lacrosse Membership numbers for each participant.  To sign up, renew or retrieve, visit
Upon receipt of your US Lacrosse membership number, Create a family / PARENT login, and create a profile for each participant / PLAYER.  When entering the participant's information:
1.  Be sure that the name, birthday, email, and zip code all match what is in your US Lacrosse profile.  Be aware of AUTOFILL functions which may incorrectly fill a field.
2.  Be sure that your US Lacrosse membership is good through the ENTIRE season you are registering for with NOC Lacrosse.

These steps will ensure that US Lacrosse verifies your membership correctly.  Thank you!
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